We are glad to announce that Jkollerup.dk is a Chipsee new distributor. Through our distribution partnership with Jkollerup.dk, customers from Denmark but also from other Scandinavian countries will be able to get Chipsee products fast and easily.

Click on the following link if you wish to buy our products on Jkollerup.dk.

More about Jkollerup.dk

Jkollerup.dk is the leading Raspberry Pi shop in the Nordic region, Raspberry Pi Approved, but also an industrial reseller. It started as a community site about Raspberry Pi, and quickly developed into Denmark’s leading Raspberry Pi webshop. The company was founded by Jeppe Kollerup back in 2012. Today Jkollerup.dk function as a development house, distribution partner, webshop, and supplier.

Join our sales network

Contact us if you want to join our distribution network and add Chipsee industrial PCs and monitors to your offer. We’re more than happy to see our sales network grow.