• CS86-B0X

    The CS86-BOX is a high-quality industrial computer that features an Intel Celeron 3855 / Intel Core i5-6200/ Intel Core i7-10510U. You can choose on the top right side of the product page which CPU you want. In the "Select CPU" section below the product description, you will see a drop-down menu where you can see the whole selection of available CPUs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
  • PPC-10510U-150-C

    The PPC-10510U-150-C is a high-quality industrial panel computer that features a 15” LCD that supports both resistive and capacitive touchscreen, and a quad-core Intel® processor i7-10510U / with 4GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • PPC-3855-101-C

    The PPC-3855-101-C is a high-quality industrial panel computer that features a 10.1” LCD that supports a multi-point capacitive touch screen, and a quad-core Intel® Celeron 3855 with 4GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • PPC-J1900-101-C

    PPC-J1900-101-C是一款高端的工业平板电脑,配有10.1英寸LCD液晶屏和电容式触摸,Intel®Celeron®系列SoC四核处理器和4GB DDR3 RAM。
  • PPC-J1900-104-R

    PPC-J1900-104-R是一款高端的工业平板电脑,配有10.4英寸LCD液晶屏和电阻式触摸,Intel®Celeron®系列SoC四核处理器和4GB DDR3 RAM。
  • PPC-J1900-121-R

    PPC-J1900-121-R是一款高端的工业平板电脑,配有12.1英寸LCD液晶屏和电阻式触摸,Intel®Celeron®系列SoC四核处理器和4GB DDR3 RAM。
  • PPC-J1900-125-C

    PPC-J1900-125-C是一款高端的工业平板电脑,具有12.5英寸LCD液晶屏和电容式触摸,Intel®Celeron®系列SoC四核处理器和4GB DDR3 RAM。
  • PPC-J1900-133-C

    The PPC-J1900-133-C is a high-quality industrial panel computer that features a 13.3” LCD with a capacitive touchscreen, a quad-core Intel® Celeron® series SoC processor with 4GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • PPC-J1900-150-C

    PPC-J1900-121-R是一款高端的工业平板电脑,配有12.1英寸LCD液晶屏和电阻式触摸,Intel®Celeron®系列SoC四核处理器和4GB DDR3 RAM。